Sunday, March 21, 2010

it really really was...

...such a nice day today- so clear and beautiful! So warm!

We got to sleep in and Danny was lazy, (cause he seems to be sick again!?!) but I actually got a lot done today...

It started out with some wonderful news from a friend that totally made my year.

Then I went outside to get something from the garage. And I noticed what a beautiful day it was. I let Tilda come outside with me, and we milled about the hideous backyard. I keep having these ideas like I should rake the leaves (we don't have a rake) and clean up the garden. "eh," I thought, "not today."After the cat rolled around in the dirt a few times, I made her go back inside.

Ohh that messy messy garage.

So I decided to spend the day in it. I went through all the piles of boxes left over from 2 moves. I didn't get rid of much, but I organized the mess, so that if I need to find something, (like today) I actually can. I got keepsakes and things in light tight bins so they won't get ruined by sun or water, and the non important crap in the clear boxes. I only have so many good bins you know. I would have just replaced all the clear ones, but Danny said that I would have to make do with what we have. And he was right. It all worked out.

No more cardboard boxes! Spiders and water can get into those. (and really, I don't need any spiders in my life.) Except for the stuff that is Danny's. He still has not gone through his boxes from his single life. If he doesn't mind that spiders can nest in his boxes of whathaveyou, then I don't either. (shudder) Not enough to risk him getting mad at me for going through his things and angry deadly spider families, anyway.

Then I went grocery shopping, which is never fun. But I had to get it done before the crazy week I am about to have. (working every day this week)

Now I am itchy and tired and I think I am covered in creepy spider bites. And my foot hurts. Last night when I was sewing, I stepped on a needle. Yeah. Stepped on. Apparently it fell off my desk, and pointy end into the carpet. Then I stepped on it, and screamed a little. It's not that bad, it just hurts, since it's on the bottom of my foot, and I have been standing most of the day.

I really wanted to be lazy today. But Spring was here (at least for today, stupid March) and so I happily cleaned and organized. I always feel so much better after I organize. I had a boss once (at a restaurant) that would tease me that I was "nesting" when I cleaned off the shelves and reorganized stuff. Since I have been working at a baby store, I know very well that organizing does not mean "nesting".

I am still in awe of the wonderful news that I heard today. It is a true and honest miracle- and I am so so happy and excited and delighted about it!

And, 3 of my friends are pregnant! Seriously! 3. Who knew that working at a baby store would land you with so many pregnant friends...

Little Fat Jack, I have not forgotten about you. I have some delightful things for you- as soon as your mama is ready to party with the rest of us!

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