Sunday, March 7, 2010


a few weeks ago...
when I was making burp cloths-

I did not leave my parents washing machine lid open, while it was full of robin's egg blue dye and burp cloths, while I went upstairs to grab something I needed to finish the dyeing process.

I did not come back down 30 minutes later to find that half of the cloths were a strange shade of yellow, and the rest were well, blue.

While frantically stirring the fabric and water, trying to figure out why this was, I did not suddenly see a small white button attached to what looked like a polo shirt. (gasp. panic. not my shirt. I swear the washer was empty when I started. I swear! shit.)

I did not then just close the lid and let the situation soak.

Why? My dad didn't put his light yellow RL polo shirt down the laundry chute, which is conveniently not located directly over the washer during the time period I didn't have the lid open. (good thing the white kitty didn't fall in. phew!)

When all was said and done, (apologies and such)
and the shirt was chartreuse,

"It's a really pretty color" my mom said.

"I can use it as a painting shirt" my dad said.

I think I owe him a new shirt. For Easter, maybe?

Except that the shirt is the color of a pretty little Easter egg...

For Fathers Day then.

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