Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just a little bit of complaining

From about 5 o'clock on, I feel absolutely terrible.

I have that nasty sore throat/terrible cold. You know, the worse version than I had the week before last. Seriously?!?

Danny has finally stopped snoring in my ear, which is awesome because I don't think I could stand earplugs to go along with my achiness and nose that is so stuffed up that I can't breathe, so I have to breathe through my mouth, which dries out my throat and tongue making my throat hurt even worse.

Advil doesn't work, Tylenol doesn't work. Zicam and Dayquil and everything else I have tried does not even take the edge off of this damn horrible cold.

I am so sick of being sick!

Even eating isn't fun anymore. I know I need to eat, I don't really get hungry. But when I do, I just feel strange, and after I eat a little, I feel like "this isn't helping, so stop." And I know that my headaches are caffeine related, and Dr. Pepper sounds so terrible...

This all started (again) on Saturday night. I started to get a sore throat while at my parents house, and I just wrote it off as drainage. So Sunday was mostly spent in bed, Monday I got up around 1 and did a load of laundry, then I had no energy, so I sat in my beloved chair for the rest of the day. Today I slept as long as I could- until 4. Then I got up, and headed straight for the chair. I watched so many episodes of Law And Order, I think at this point that I have seen every single episode ever made so far. And a lot of them twice.

I have decided that I hate the month of March. Although is has given us a few nice spring days, It has given me almost a whole month of sickness. A week of taking care of Danny, then a week of a nasty cold, then a week of taking care of Danny again, and now at the end of the month, 3 days so far of nasty sore throat and whininess.

I am so excited for Thursday. April, you so better be nice to me.

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