Saturday, March 6, 2010




So my husband has this long hair thing happening. He usually lets it grow out a bit, and then buzzes it all off. About every 2 months. But this time 'round, he has let it grow and grow- since last September, I think.

It's in this horrible stage, it's driving him crazy, it's driving me crazy. He has never had a hairstyle in his life, (except for that unfortunate rat tail in like the 5th grade) so he just has no idea what to do with it. He is not a comber, a gel user, a spiker, or a styler. While he works on his programming, he sticks his hands in it and pulls it all up, repeatedly. So after 30 minutes on the computer, he looks like a cousin to Kramer.

We had this wonderful conversation about it a few days ago:

danny: (in the bedroom) Hey, come and look at this curly thing I got going on on the back of my head.

me: Whoa! That's like a Farrah Faucet curl!

danny: What?

me: You know, like Charlie's Angels hair. The fan-ish curl in the front.

danny: Uh...

me: (now we are inspecting it in the bathroom mirror) I told you you had curly hair. If you were a woman, and you had long flowy hair, it would be amazing! You have amazing hair. I wish I had your hair!

danny: (still in the bathroom, me in the hallway) Like Fabio?

me: Don't you ever say that word in this house again! I mean it! (I stomp off to the bedroom)

danny: I caan't believe it's not buttah.

me: ewwww.

But seriously, he has amazing hair. It's thick and curly in a way that if it were long, (like mine) it would fall into perfect big curls with lots of body. You know, the kind of hair I have always wanted? The kind of hair I tried to have on our wedding day. (my curls fell out by the end of the ceremony.)

(the kind of hair I am raving about is kinda like her hair)


  1. Did you watch Pushing Daisies? And do you miss it? I hate when good shows go away..

  2. We LOVED that show!!! It was shot so beautifully! I wish there were more shows like that- that are artistically shot, with amazing sets- oh well. Someday there will be another.