Thursday, May 20, 2010

I stopped and smelled the flowers...

...only to sneeze a lot.

Our fence in the backyard is lined in lilac bushes. During the day, the whole backyard is soaked in lilac scent. It makes me sneeze. But it's lovely.

So I went out last night at dusk, and took some photos. The light was pretty low, so they aren't that great.

And I really, really wanted to re-shoot the dandelions. But I was a lazy ass today, appliquéing and embroidering in my comfy chair.

And before I knew it, evening was here again, and the downstairs neighbor asked if he could mow the lawn. I am mad at myself for not re-shooting them when I thought about it. I was too self-conscious to say, "but wait! Let me just snap a few photos of all the weeds in the front yard." Because I am still in my pj's with my uncombed crazy cat lady hair.

And now they are gone. Ah well. They were just weeds.

I have a new super secret project. It's not so secret. Just secret enough that I can't post photos of my progress cause I don't want to risk whom it's for to see it prematurely. You know, before it's finished. If I ever finish it. At the rate I am going, it's gonna be awhile. But I got pretty far today.
Have I ever told you how crazy I am? Well, I am crazy.

I took a small break today to get another Dr. Pepper out of the fridge, and I absentmindedly carried a piece of my work into the kitchen with me. I set it down, and before picking it back up and going back to work, I glanced at the clock, and had a thought.

"I have been sitting in there for how many hours? How in the world do I have the patience to sit and do this all day long?"

Because I love it.

Because I have the time.

Because I don't work at the frame shop anymore. I didn't sew at all while working as a framer. My mom had my sewing machine the whole time I worked there, because hers had died. All my patience for creative stuff was burned up at work- choosing colors, cutting mats, making shadowboxes. I loved it, and probably for the same reasons that I love sewing.

I love making things with my hands.

Mostly small things-and the smaller, the better. And when I make intricate and unique things for people that I love, well. It's even more rewarding.

I had coffee with my friend Bethany last week, and she asked me how I had the patience to make the super secret project. My answer was the same as here- I don't frame anymore. She said it made her feel better. (she owns the frame shop I worked at) I hope it did. And, just so you know, I don't have the patience to do this sort of thing very often. In the 2 months it took me to finish the super secret project- I had one good day. One day where I was right on the money, grabbing bright ideas left and right, making everything work together.

Today was another one of those days. And I am a little tearful that it's over. I'm not done yet! I have this little pile of done-ness. (and a whole bunch of piles of mess.) For over 12 hours of work, I expect more out of myself. I would burn the midnight oil, cause I am so on a roll- but I am out of 3 key colors of embroidery thread, and Danny is patiently waiting for me to come to bed.

I'm coming, darling. I'm coming.


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