Saturday, May 29, 2010

loo-loo's birthday

Lindsay loo-loo's birthday was on Thursday. She asked to go see Iron Man 2, so Danny and I took her. She never really cared for "real people movies" before, so we were hesitant to take her. But since she asked about 4 times, we took her seriously.

And she loved it! I learned that she loves explosions, lame jokes, and even cheesy romantic moments. Love that! Now I know that we can go to more movies together!

Happy Birthday balloons, of course.

We dined at Red Robin, and when the waiter asked her "what kind of cheese do you want?" she replies with this signal. You know, the kind with holes in it.

Free Birthday dessert?!? Oh, alright. No singing. She really wanted them to sing to her.

Blurry yes, but at least our heads are in it.

Loo-loo and her birthday hat. Oh, and her Loo-loo doll.

She requested lemon cheesecake for her birthday like 4 months ago. Girl knows what she likes!

A little sass.

You'll have to excuse the ridiculously crappy looks we all have on our faces in these photos. We are a little emotionally drained due to the situation with my grandma.


Forgive the hat, and the 2 sizes too small hoodie. That paired with my awesomely slouched posture makes me look like I have rolls.

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  1. I hope Lindsay had a great b-day. I am usually pretty good to remember, but May came and went so fast this year. I didn't remember until I was telling Nick Happy Birthday early.

    Love the Loo Loo doll, you are such a cool sister! Tell Lindsay I love Iron Man!!! We went to see it about a week or so ago.