Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a very merry un-birthday toooo you!

Loo-loo and I had a "slumber party" on Tuesday. I say "slumber party" because she always wants to have one at my house, but she doesn't sleep well outside of her bed. (and who can blame her?!)

So, we solve this by having "slumber parties" during the day. She picked Alice in Wonderland- the cartoon please. It was awesome to watch it after recently seeing the Tim Burton one. And boy, did she have it memorized! She kept saying "ohhh! I remember this!" and her favorite was the Cheshire cat- before he would appear, she would excitedly shout "he's coming Jessica! hurry watch!" We had so much fun! I love any excuse to eat junk food and lounge in front of the t.v. no matter what time of day it is.

Loo-loo and then me in the car - the 3 headed worm - Alice - loo-loo & lunch - that elevator was stinky! - chips and dip, "slumber party" style (shoes off, cross legged on the couch)

I took her home and chatted a bit with my mom, then I hurried back home so that I could attend a Babinskis party. It's been a month or so since I left, and it's been about 2 months since Kelley had Jack. So we had a little hootenanny. It was chock full of hoot, with just a little bit of nanny. (oh, oz!)

Everyone brought treats- appetizers and desserts. My favorite kind of dinner! Except for the cheeseburger Doritos, those were nasty. I am so addicted to that artichoke jalapeno dip from Costco- I always eat too much. But it's sooooo good!

And I took some blurry photos.

Jaron & Allisen - Kelley & Scott - Lauren - Kelly - Kim & baby Jack

And I got to hold the little man for awhile- like an hour! It's been so long since I have held a baby for longer than 5 minutes. I think I could come over on a daily basis and just hold him while he sleeps- what time is good for you Kel?

He was awake for a little while, flashing his blue eyes and givin me a smile or 2. Then he was out. And watching him sleep was heavenly.

With his tiny arms out. Melt.

I almost captured a smile. But not quite.

I could hold him on my lap and watch him sleep for-ev-er.

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