Wednesday, January 6, 2010

all things considered (2009)

I made it my new years resolution to follow my new cookbook- All Cakes Considered, to make a new cake every week for all of 2010. But I am second guessing that one. Almost everyone I know has the resolution to eat less, meaning next to zero cake. So a whole cake every week just for Danny and I? Nah. We would end up wasting a lot of cake. So- I dunno, I am gonna have to think about this one a little longer.

I have a few other resolutions, but if I tell you, I won't do them. Even a little bit. See, I am kinda strange with stuff like that. When I decided to quit smoking, I didn't tell anybody until I had quit for over a week. And I quit cold turkey, and haven't smoked since. So see, it works for me to keep those goals a secret.

(I have been meaning to do this since the 31st (!!) but I have been a slave to my new Zelda game. Which I am frustrated with at the moment (I absolutely hate that train!) so I am working on this here post.

Here is a photo essay of 2009:

January: Ginseng Peppermint Tea to keep warm...

February: Wedding in Vegas- I wore a pencil skirt, heels and red lipstick. I was cold, my feet hurt, and red lipstick is really limiting. I realized that I had to limit my facial expressions, lest I have old lady/reporter lipstick teeth.

March: Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes. And it finally felt like spring!

April: 1 year Anniversary! I love my bearded fella!

May: Loo loo's Birthday with the Singing Homer Card.

June: Garlic Buttercream Plane Cake Fiasco, haven't made a cake since.

July: My Beautiful Sister Maloree and her baby kitten Iris, photographed on our super old, rusty, paint peeling, not-so-steady anymore swing set.

August: Danny's Birthday and Calvin's Funeral. This year, the birthday part will rival my own Amazing 30th Birthday Bash, I promise.

September: Painting (most of the walls), Moving (upstairs- gained a bedroom, lost a bathroom, gained a driveway and garage) & The Pie (for dinner, and lunch, and dinner again...)

October: Sandy Gauze...

& Beetleguise.

I loved making my ladybug costume, and working on Halloween with all the adorable kids and parents during the candy parade at Foothill Village. And Loo-loo got to hand out candy- it's her new favorite place to greet trick or treaters!

November: Olives on fingers, must be Thanksgiving! It was so much fun to have dinner with all the family in the new kitchen!

December: Best Birthday Ever, I love love love my new lens, Christmas with family, and Sleepy Cow takes a test run yawn on the new chair.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I suck at keeping New Years Resolutions... so I'm still eating cake if you need some help! :)