Wednesday, January 20, 2010

m. i. a.

I am still here.

I haven't fallen off a cliff.

I have been busy, with *new* sewing tuesdays, housecleaning, sleeping in, and working.

Sewing Tuesdays are awesome. My mom and her friend Hazel invented it so that we would all get our gazillion projects that we started years ago finished.

So the last 2 tuesdays I have packed up my sewing room and gone over to her place for some quality mom/daughter time, as well as getting some serious sewing done. I got a whole pile of aprons done, but I have been too lazy/busy to take photos of them. I will...later.

(photo from melly & me website)

Yesterday I worked on a silly little project called Clucky. It's a little chicken that has 4 little chicks that go in her "wing" pockets. It was supposed to be an easy little project in between aprons. No so. I had to take apart what I had sewn according to the instructions, and finish the project using just my amateur skills. (translation: the instructions are crap. this lady makes super cute patterns, but obviously does not make her own stuff from her patterns.) The beak is crooked, and if you look hard, a lot of mistakes. I won't be making another one anytime soon, but the one I made is very cute. (I will post a photo later.) I have a few more aprons to make, and then I am done for awhile. With aprons, at least. When I am done, I will have 15!

My next project is going to be a quilt. It is just in the planning stages for now...but it's gonna be awesome!

Oh and BTW, have you seen the new commercial from Mc Donalds?


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