Saturday, December 19, 2009

happy birthday to me!

I had a Birthday party earlier this evening. And I do have to say, that it was the best birthday I have ever had. In my life.

I was dreading 30. Not nearly as much as 29 though. Why? Seriously, I don't even know. As I have gotten older, my life and my happiness has gotten greater. Every year that I get older, I get happier. So whats to dread? Nothing, apparently.

It started when I got home. I came in through the side door, and Danny came running and said "No! you have to come in the front door!" I said "No, it's to cold outside. I'll close my eyes ok? Lead me." I pretended to come in the front door, and when I took my gloved hands away from my eyes, this is what I saw...

Hello Kitty and twirly "30" decorations hung from the ceiling, everywhere. I almost cried. See, I had this small, little wish that my house would be decorated for the party. I am turning 30, damn it! I wanted a party. And there are always decorations at a party! Anyway, my husband heard my heart's secret wish. And it filled me with joy.

And for my Birthday Cake...(drum roll please) Cheesecake Factory's 30th Anniversary Chocolate cake & Cheesecake cake. Layers of cheesecake in between layers of chocolate cake. The best cheesecake I have ever had that I haven't made myself. And it was their 30th anniversary special edition- for my 30th birthday! Perfect!

Here is a little video of me and the Loo-loo opening presents...

(I have no idea why I am looking up and not at the camera.)

The stash: an automatic car starter and key less entry (yes! yes! yes! no more cold car!) a UV filter for my new lens, some lip gloss pots that are shaped like adorable little cupcakes, my new lens of course, a cupcake cookbook, 2 more cupcake ornaments, some money, and the cutest cupcake pillow- did you see it? Oh I love it!!!

Lindsay begged to play with photo booth for a bit...

(I can't stop laughing when I look at this one!)

(doesn't my brother look like Mr. T?)

And to end the night just right, we got a new chair & ottoman...

Loo-loo had to try it out first.

And then my adorable husband.

And then Matilda...

And then the littlest cow...

And finally, me. I am blogging from my new chair, in my house full of party decorations, cheesecake, Dr. Pepper, and cat hair.

I love my life. I am so so many ways...

Best Birthday Ever.

(they really do!)

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  1. What a fun party! Kudos to Danny on the decorations! :)
    I LOVE that cupcake pillow. So, so cute!
    Happy -almost- birthday!