Sunday, December 13, 2009

i love lazy snowy sundays

Well, only the lazy sunday part. The snowy part sucks, but it does give me an excuse to not leave the house.

Last night, Danny and I (well, mostly Danny) set up the tree. We got a 6 ft tree this year. He gave the trunk a fresh cut, and cut off the bottom branches so it would fit into the stand. In the past, we have only gotten small trees- I didn't expect so many freaking needles to fall off- and trail through the house!

So today I got up and cleaned up most of the little messes around the house, so that I could have the rest of the day to decorate the tree and most importantly, be lazy!

I got all new ornaments this year for the new big tree that's going in the new big living room with the huge window to put new big tree in front of, so new ornaments were a must!

As we were decorating, we were not watching Food Network Challenge: Edible Ornaments. 2 normal people and 2 crazy people were in a tree decorating contest. It was stupid- but it made our tree look really, really good!

(I tried to take photos, but I don't have enough light in my living room- I will try during the day- cause I am SO excited for you to see my tree! And so that I have proof that i'm not always a grinch.)

Oh, and I made some amazing dinner- Think Massaman Curry...I got the recipe from my friend Kim. Find it here.

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  1. I can't wait to see your tree!!!
    AND... I'm so glad you liked this recipe. It is seriously one of our very favorites!! :)