Tuesday, December 1, 2009

red handed!

Do you know what I think is hilarious? And kinda pathetic. And I can only think it's hilarious and pathetic because I am guilty of it too.

See, everyone has people that they don't like, usually they are people that we have had a history with. Glad to not have to see or interact with them ever again, yet...

I blog stalk them. Just to see what they are up to. Just to make sure of...what exactly? I'm not sure. But I do it, and I really didn't expect that they were doing it too. Until today, when I was blog stalking, and I decided to look at what blogs she reads to see if there was anything good that I might want to read, and I saw that this particular blogger has links to my Recipe Blog and my Rag-a-muffin blog!

I was taken aback- we hate each other, right? So why am I reading her blog and why does she read mine? So of course I just had to laugh-there I was, spying on my so called enemy, and she follows 2 of my blogs. In that moment, and now as I type, I have been humbled.

When I first started my blog, I really felt like I was in a bubble. That nobody could see or read my blog unless I told them about it. Unless I invited them.

But I chose for my blog to be public. Because I want to share with whoever wants to read.

Even if it's my arch nemesis doing the reading.

Kinda flattering too, I suppose. And underneath my stubbornness, I have to admit that I am way too dramatic for my own good. Arch nemesis is a really juvenile name to call her. And quite honestly, looking back on all the really horrible people I have had friendships with in my life, she actually doesn't rate evil enough to be my Arch Nemesis. She never hurt me like some nameless jerks have, our personalities just clashed. So that leaves me with only one thing to say...

"I'm sorry I was so mean to you. But you were kinda mean to me too, you know. And I do believe that we can co-exist in the blogging world. Let us continue blog stalking each other. It's kinda fun, don't cha think?"

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