Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas goodies

We had an amazing Christmas this year! Here are some highlights...

Our tree, with mostly new ornaments, and all of my ornaments from my childhood.

I made the skirt, I think it needs some improvements- for next year at least.

Our cute presents under the tree.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Danny's grandma's for dinner, stories, and our annual ornament exchange.

Story time.

Amber played a violin solo, and the other kids played piano solos.

The ornament exchange. I finally got a good one this year! And I had #2- I just hid mine under my chair so nobody would steal it.

After dessert, (my famous gingerbread men and christmas tree cookies) we went to Danny's dad's house and had our present exchange. The girls (his sisters) loved the kitty pillows that I made for them, and Danny loved the HUGE jar of pistachios that he got!

Then we went home, and Danny opened his gifts from me. They were all boring- just clothes and socks, except for this one...

Space Invaders ice cube tray. It's pretty awesome.

After waking up very late, we went to my parents for Christmas brunch and of course, more presents! (I don't have any pics of us, my dad took them with his camera so I don't have copies quite yet)

But I do have this one of Loo-loo in her apron. I made her hold a gingerbread cookie and it was her idea to add the rolling pin- isn't she adorable!

Here are a few of the gifts that I got...

The new Zelda game for the DS (Actually, I got this one from the New Years Eve Panda*)

This really cool frosting decorating set...

..and these awesome cake decorating tools.

A Gorilla Pod for my camera...

...and this is what it does! It looks really strange, but it is so freakin cool!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday season! And I do believe 2010 will be a great year!

*the new year's panda is an idea from the book Be Prepared. It's for parents or spouses or whomever that can't quite get all the presents that they needed for their loved ones by Christmas. They can go to the after christmas sales or just go shopping with a chance to not wait in crazy lines or have the possibility of being trampled while shopping for the perfect gift. So if your kid wants that certain unattainable toy that is going for hundreds of dollars over retail on ebay, you can tell them on Christmas morning to their cute little disappointed faces that the New Year's panda will bring it to them instead.

And that is how I got the new Zelda game. Danny went to Best Buy today and picked it up for me. No lines, no craziness. He also got gifts for his sisters today. Better late than never, right?

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