Saturday, July 4, 2009

unicorn wishes

We had a bbq for Mal's Birthday/4th of July. Her birthday was on the 2nd, but since everyone worked late that day, we decided to get together today.

This is the FIRST 4th of July ever (that I remember) that was not blasting hot. So after dinner we all went outside to swing on the rusted swing set.

Mal got a new camera from my parents- so ALL of us were taking pictures of each other! Even Loo-loo, see her pink fisher price camera in the photo? I love it!

The unicorn theme was hilarious. Loo-loo was disappointed that Mal wouldn't let us break open the unicorn pinata. But we had plenty of cupcakes to satisfy our family of sweet-tooths!

And the unicorn figurine that I got for her came with a stand and 4 different, equally cheesy backgrounds. Mal was such a tomboy when she was little, that we never had any girly themed parties for her. Well, I guess late is better than never!Posted by Picasa

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