Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cleanliness is next to godliness...but maybe not in my case.

I cleaned my house today. Yes, on my day off. Why? Because all I did on Sunday (my usual cleaning day) was update the "look" of this damn blog. I didn't realize when I signed up for this thing that it would take so much time! Anyway, I decided to take some photos of my clean house, and share them with you. (We are currentlly renting, but I actually kinda like how our landladies painted the place. Someday when we have a house of our own, I will go crazy decorating it to perfection. Or at least I will hire someone to do it for me.)

First off, my living/family/tv room. This chair belongs to the cats.

(this shot is to the left of the last photo) I love our couch from Ikea. (I just don't love sitting on it for more than half an hour.) Danny loves sitting on it though. He can sit on it comfortably for HOURS.

(this is what you see when you are sitting on the couch) I don't love the fireplace, but I love my photographs beautifully framed on the mantle. I took them on our trip to Maui in 2007. And they are all the proof I have that I ever was a professional picture framer. (ha! you thought I was going to say professional photographer! jk I am not that proud of myself.)

And here is our bedroom. Well, bed anyway. Our room is TINY, and our queen sized bed fits perfectly in the middle of the bedroom with a little room on either side for us to climb in. (More like climb down, it's a very short bed.)

We got the lamp for our wedding, it's perfect for reading in bed. The quilt at the bottom is one my mom made for us. It was our Wedding Colors quilt. (brown & blue) She made us 3 for our wedding. Well, not exactly. There was the picnic quilt, that I made years ago and she just put a back on and finished it. And there was the actual Wedding quilt, which we made together. I should take a photo of that one, It's amazing. There is a whole other post for that though. I'll do that one another day.

(I couldn't get a good shot of how cool the bed is, even when I mashed myself in the closet trying to get a better shot. Oh well.)

Here is my sewing area! (Danny's desk was a mess, and I am not allowed to organize his stuff, so I just took photos of my desk.)

And here is part of my fabric and other assorted sewing collection. Pretty organized, for me. Inside the bins are messy, but at least the mess(es) are contained in the bins, not on the floor. It's also quite easier to find stuff this way.

I didn't include the kitchen (where all the magic happens) today because I have 2 kitchen table and chair sets in there right now. One is the vintage one that I might sell. I just have to fix the broken leg. It's from the 60's. It's pink Formica, with 4 pink vinyl chairs (sigh) I LOVE it. But I really don't think Danny will ever REALLY let me use it as a kitchen table. But maybe someday. (hope so) If not, I think I can get a good chunk of money out of it.
So I will feature the kitchen later on.

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