Wednesday, July 15, 2009

vanilla bean madness

I am so so tired. I got up at 8:30 this morning to finish baking the hundreds (yes, I said hundreds) of mini cupcakes for the fabulous Babinski's Pre Sidewak Sale Party. (it was from 6-9) I baked the vanilla bean cupcakes last night, and by the time I got up and looked at them, they had completely shed their wrappers. Odd?! Then I made chocolate cupcakes this morning. (Not pictured) So I had to go back to the store to get new wrappers for the vanilla ones, and by the time I got them to the party, they had done it again. I guess vanilla bean means "nudist" in cupcake. Mmmmm. They were delicious!

We had a freakin LINE of people at 5:45. It was like we were selling the Wii or something. And it got even crazier after we opened the doors. It was so packed, you could hardly even walk through the store!

Starbucks donated coffee, the gelato place next door donated various flavors of gelato, we had cookies and candy and juice, and OH!! the best part! Caramels. Real caramels. I LOVE caramels. Even more than fudge. If I could make caramels, I would make them daily. (I tried before. They were inedible and didn't look a thing like caramels.) They were from Avenue Sweets. (I put a few in my purse for later...shhhh)

If you are in the area this weekend, and need stuff for babies, stop on by. It's Sidewalk Sale. It's crazytown. We have some really great deals on some stuff, and we actually have good stuff left for the rest of the sale. Last year we sold out of the good stuff in the first few hours of the first day.

I am going to bed now. Need sleep to make it through tomorrow.....


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