Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy birthday danny!

We didn't do much celebrating today, due to the aftermath of sadness that came yesterday. We slept in, got up, Danny watched golf and I finished his birthday cake.

Then, we took a nap with the kittens.

I made dinner- french toast. The best French Toast EVER. I served it with cinnamon syrup and vanilla sauce. Danny liked the vanilla sauce the best- I liked them both, kinda mixed together.

Then we had dessert. Mmmmm.

Tiramisu. (non-alcoholic, of course)

And, because we had planned to have a party with our good friends Mike & Nan, I wanted to make a dessert that they could eat as well. (Mike is very strict on the no coffee rule.)

So I invented Temple Worthy Tiramisu. I have not tried it yet, (I just made a small one as a test, but I am pretty sure it totally rocks.)
P.S. It totally rocks. I just ate it.

Recipe is now on my recipe blog.

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