Friday, August 21, 2009

a new suit

So when I got home from work today, I made Danny go on an adventure with me. I was convinced that he really needed new pants, because he wears the SAME ones every single day. And his birthday is on Sunday. He was really insistent that he did not need new pants. Here was our conversation at the store:

Me: You wear the same pants every day.
Danny: So what.
Me: So some of your co-workers have probably noticed by now.
Danny: I don't care.
Me: But then it looks like we are really poor and we can't afford to buy you new pants!
Danny: I don't care what anyone thinks about my pants.
Me: Okay. No new pants.

Then we went to dinner at Pei Wei. While we were deciding on what to eat, I looked at his sad face and asked "Are you okay? You seem kinda down tonight." (I thought it was just the pants shopping, he HATES shopping for clothes for him, ESPECIALLY pants."

He says "I AM pretty sad today." Shit. How could I have been THAT un-observant about my husbands mood?

"What's wrong?" (by this time we were sitting outside in the very nice warm summer night air)

Danny says "My dad called me today. He asked if I wanted to go golfing tomorrow, and we made plans. And then he called me back a half an hour later, and says Do you have a suit?"
"Uh. No." "Well then I will come and pick you up in the morning and I will buy you a suit." "I am guessing that grandpa isn't doing so well then" "No." (end of conversation)

I am a little bit miffed that his dad chose to tell him that his grandpa is going to die in the next few days by saying "Do you have a suit?"

I'll keep you posted.

AND... Freaky Friday was going SO well today, I had no injuries or sudden sicknesses at work. I was feeling pretty smug when I left work, happy as a clam.

Not so much anymore.

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