Sunday, August 16, 2009

my house is really messy.

Really, it's terrible. It looks like 10 teenagers live here.

Like I said in my last post, I have been really busy this week. The last post was about the bad, and this one is about the good.

ALL week I have been crafty. (I wish I could figure out a better word than crafty. It sounds so underhanded and or cheesy.)

I made a bunch of cute flower hair clips for adults. I was having glue issues, so they took longer than expected. But I have a completely new and fabulous project. (hopefully) I like to paint. So I decided to paint. 12x12 canvases with cupcakes on them. To sell at my work. I have not seen ANY other cupcake themed paintings, so I am hoping they will do well.

Because all this week, despite the sad things that happened, I literally had NO anxiety. I had a few moments here and there, but no panic attacks. No sleepless nights. No frightful mornings.
Everyday, after work, I was busy and figuring out and happily creating cute and fun things. I love it when I have the inspiration to create. It makes me feel so good. And, I am on a roll. I keep having better and better ideas. So what if my house is a disaster? I am HAPPY. And that is much better. I did laundry today, and a little bit of dishes. And someday this week, I will take a day to catch up and clean up, because I just can't work in chaos (for very long anyway).

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