Friday, August 28, 2009

always, sometimes, never.

I always...
-do laundry on Sundays
-feed my cats at 11 p.m.
-have room for dessert
-stay up too late (I'm working on it!)
-buy my favorite books (hardcover first editions, if they are reasonable)
-have my toenails painted
-wear jeans
-start new projects when I have a million other unfinished ones
-try to make dinner every night
-buy 2 weeks worth of groceries at a time
-drink a Dr. Pepper in the afternoon
-love to spend time with my sister Lindsay (sorry family, she is my favorite!)
-cuddle with the Cow before I can go to sleep (and wake up with her on my head)
-wear spf 70 on my pale skin when I will be in the sun for more than 30 minutes

I sometimes...
-take the cats outside for a little relaxation (for me) and plenty of grass eating (for them)
-skip the shower and wear a hat instead
-wear a skirt or a dress
-play video games
-vacuum (I make Danny do it most of the time)
-want to eat out
-go on a walk with Danny in the evening
-keep our houseplants alive
-play Wii Fit

I never...
-make my bed
-eat sushi, or any other kind of seafood
-listen to country, reggae, or hip-hop
-cut my hair more than 3 inches at a time
-take a shower at night
-drink alcohol
-use my film cameras (anymore)
-completely understand what Danny does for a living
-call my cats by their real names
-wake up before I absolutely have to
-watch the news, or read the paper
-think I will ever get tattooed again
-have a tan

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