Tuesday, April 28, 2009

happy anniversary!

Well, it's been one whole year since Danny and I tied the knot. A lot has changed for us (and our families) in that year, and we have grown even closer together. (but not grown so close that our limbs fuse together like in Danny's vows)

Danny quit his job, and went back to school full-time.

My parents have completely remodeled their kitchen/living room, and they now have a larger kitchen and living room as well as a dining area. I am so excited to make new memories together around that huge table! And the sheer amount of cake that I could make with that new oven and huge granite countertop- it's dreamy.

My brother got married in September.

My best friend Mike married my newest best friend, Nan, in October.

My grandma Betty has Alzheimers- and her memory is fading fast. It's sad. But I have a million wonderful memories of her that will never fade.

I want to thank our families- you gave us the perfect wedding. Without your support, happiness, and well, money, we couldn't of done it without you.
So thanks!!!!

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