Friday, March 4, 2011

you know, for humans

As I was driving Loo-loo home yesterday, she told me a story.

"I saw my friend!" (anytime she sees someone with down syndrome, she calls then her friends.)

Today? At the grocery store? At the paper store? At the noodle place?

"No, on Monday."


"Girl from Community."


"We went to see her at the Homeless Shelter."

Wait. Did you just say Homeless Shelter? Did you mean a group home?

"No. Lemme 'splain. You know Humane Society? Like that, but for humans."

Oh, how sad!

"Not sad! No silly, not sad. She coming back."

I don't think she's coming back. Really- it wasn't a care center or something?

"NO! Like Humane Society, but for humans."


Loo-loo apparently didn't mind chilling at the Homeless Shelter. Always on the bright side, that smart sister of mine.

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