Monday, March 21, 2011

welcome back!

Taking a week off of blogging, and only doing whatever came up, was pretty nice. Of course, I was dying to blog about what I had been doing, but I made myself save it all- mostly because the weather was crappy every time I tried to take photos so I couldn't get any good ones of my projects until this weekend.

I got a lot of sewing done, none of it for any reason, all for myself. But very fun! I babysat a little, hung with my mom a lot, had a loo-loo adventure, bought myself some new clothes, (naughty) and got the best massage I have ever had in my entire life.

At the same time- my house is in shambles. There are tiny fabric triangles and millions of threads littering the carpet. My kitchen floor is covered in shrapnel. Dishes and Dr Pepper cans cover every surface.

No laundry has been done.

Matilda is so used to me sitting on the couch sewing something that if my legs are not available to sleep on she wails until I sit down. Then promptly jumps on my lap and finds her way to my legs so she can cut off my circulation and drive me crazy.

No good dinners have been made.

My husband is starving. And a little grouchy. I don't blame him.

I accidentally fed him moldy food one night. MOLDY. Blue freaking mold. How bad of a wife am I? In my defense, there is no way it was my fault- I bought it that way.

He didn't get sick, but I almost did. Just thinking about biting into a chunk of mold...hork, gag, okay, you get the point. Aunt Flo emotionally compromised me that day, so I felt so bad. So bad I wanted to cry.

This week I have some projects to wrap up, and an event to bake for after the mountain of laundry and dishes and cleaning up that I have been avoiding.

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