Saturday, March 5, 2011


I found a new blog to read the other day.

I'm totally obsessed.

It's called Posie gets cozy, and she is amazing. She knits the most beautiful and incredible little baby dresses, sweaters and such.

Gah! Look at that button!

Bunnies. I have a weakness for bunnies.

She also features recipes- delicious recipes that I am dying to try out. Like this cake. With frosting that is called Cloudburst. Hello?!?

I want to move to Portland and be her next door neighbor and BFF.

Sorry to be such a stalker, but I am so infatuated. Aren't you?

P.S. ALL photos belong to her, I stole them from her blog. I have also linked to each post- credit needs to go where credit is due.

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