Thursday, March 10, 2011

choices are important

I am a mean spirited judgmental hypocrite in this post. Just so you know, you know?

"What good can come from this decision?" That was my fathers mantra the entire time I lived at home. It's a good one, I have to admit. In fact, I just used it to make a decision.

I have a few rules regarding whom I friend on Facebook. No ex boyfriends, no old drinking buddies, and no kids under 16. I have also ruled out some drama makers. Fair? For me, yes.

Tonight I got a friend request from an old acquaintance from Jr. High. I lol'd. I had seen my brother friend him the day before, and I lol'd then too. (you like how I use lol'd as a verb? haha.)

It's not that he's a bad guy. It's just. Well. It would open a door- a door that I'd like to keep bricked over. Because he was friends with so-and-so, and and so-and-so was friends with the first boy I ever kissed (not counting the toddler kiss that my parents caught on film) and I really really don't want that dude trying to friend me.

See, what's so hilarious about this whole thing is that this is how the trouble started in the first place. Creeps that I wouldn't talk to would get at me through my brother.

This guy would not leave me alone. He would call incessantly. Write me the lamest poetry. Gave me the nickname of Casper. (??) Then he started in on my brother. Became friends with him. So he could come over and bother me in person. Then he started getting my brother in trouble. So I finally gave in- I would be his girlfriend if he would leave my brother alone. It was not a plan that he was in on, but I knew it would work.

He was gross. He had a mullet, he smoked, he stole, he drank. He was a bad influence. Not exactly a good decision on my part, okay? It didn't last long- he got kicked out of school and I finally got rid of the little shit. And I kept all the notes he had written me- they have been a source of entertainment throughout the years. A quote? Okay.

Ahem. "You are soooo fine. I promise I'm gonna dump my girlfriend soon so we can be together. She is fat. I don't know why I'm with her lame ass. Gotta go! The teacher came back. Metallica rocks."

So I'm sorry I won't friend you on FB. You were actually a pretty good guy back then- more so than a lot of other dudes. It's not personal, it's not a judgement on you. It's just that I choose not to re-open certain doors of my past, because I already learned my lesson.

Nothing good can come from that decision, so I chose no.

And I totally made the Metallica part up, but it was probably true.

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