Saturday, March 12, 2011


It snowed A LOT on Monday night. As I was turning the lights out to go to bed, I looked out the window and noticed that it was kinda pretty out there.

So I grabbed my camera, put on my rain boots and made my way through the snow. At midnight.

That afternoon, the world was springy. All the snow had melted away, and I was happy to see our very dead lawn. 12 inches of snow in only a few hours.

The whole world is silenced. The night sky is white. The trees look so much bigger- the snow lines every single branch. I notice that all the big trees on our street are all on one side- their branches stretch across the road to shade the neighbors yards. My footsteps are mostly silent, sometimes squishy. I walk down the middle of the road, snapping my shutter, quietly admiring what the storm created.

It's the first time on my life I have truly appreciated the beauty of snow. I want to take more photos, during the day. But I know that tomorrow morning it will start to melt, and it won't look as magical or grand. No plows have been by, I'm tromping through snow that's as high as my rain boots. It's like a scene from a lame Xmas movie- everything so snowy and white.

I was right- it did melt the next day. Not a lot- just off the branches. I'm glad I took the time to get the few shots that I did, even though my husband thought I was insane.

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