Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My husband gets obnoxious on Friday evenings.

Right as we are climbing into bed. I almost can't handle it.

"Not in bed," I remind him for the third week in a row. Out in the kitchen, or on the couch, fine. I'll take it. You're stressed, it's a sort of venting. I get it. But not in bed. I have no patience left, I want nice-ness in bed.

Besides, I have had enough obnoxiousness to last me a lifetime between my brother, littlest sister and all the grade A jerks I have dated in the past.

I can't handle it now- I'll need all the tolerance I can muster when our children that aren't here yet reach tweenagedom.

P.S. he would totally flip if he knew I posted this photo. He was being obnoxious at the time, hence the intensely mean face. It's also the most recent photo I have of him.

1 comment:

  1. i like this pic of danny! but i know what you mean about him flipping if he saw it. mike is the same way. i could never post something i didn't want mike to see cause he checks blogs almost as much as i do!! hope you guys had a better morning! :)