Friday, December 2, 2011

the beginning of the busy season

To credit my absence this week by saying that we've been crazy busy would be an understatement. 

Danny's work has seriously blown up over the last 2 weeks. (he works for a small startup company that has a free app for iPhone and Android.) Everything kept crashing Thanksgiving week so he was trying to get things working again and this week he has been going into the office at 9 a.m. and coming home around midnight. Everyday they double the number of users from the day before, so it's fantastic news, but it's been weird not having him around much. It's exciting when he knocks quietly on the door at midnight, (he lost his keys on the airplane) I give him a great big hug, Tilda yells at him and he shows me the usage charts so I can see just how fast they are growing.

I have a show coming up in 5 days(!?!?!) So I figure if Danny is working all damn day long, so will I. I have a stack of dolls all cut out that need to be finished, dresses to make for them, and I just finished a huge pile of ornaments that I need to stuff. 

I bought a whole bunch of stuff while in Utah- mostly fabric. And my favorite rice and bean mix and saffron rice mix that I can't find anywhere here. A few weeks ago, my mom found some of my favorite vanilla extract- 4 bottles- I'm so excited to use it again. Anyway, I ended up very carefully packing  and sending myself a giant heavy box because it wouldn't all fit in our bag. 

I got the box today and one of the bottles of vanilla had broken, soaking the box and almost everything in it. Luckily, I had my fabric in plastic bags- so only a little bit got ruined. The yarn, however was not in bags, so it's totally soaked through- but it does smell delicious!

Danny worked from home yesterday (yea!) and we got to go to lunch, and get some of our favorite ice cream at Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous. I couldn't decide between peppermint stick or vanilla bean- when Danny had me try Brown Butter & Sage. I totally wrinkled up my nose and prepared to hate it- but it was so. damn. delicious! So I got a pint of that for the weekend. Looks like my whole no-sugar diet thing is not going so well. Sigh. 

So I decided to try the whole diet thing after the holidays, just like everyone else. Strength in numbers, right?

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