Friday, December 9, 2011

do what you love

A little peek at the holiday boutique that was on wednesday...

Here is my table...

with old favorites,

new friends,


and a team of dolls all ready to brighten up a little girls christmas morning!

See this? All neatly set out on a table, displayed for the whole world to see?

That is my heart.

Sewing, cutting, snipping, stuffing. I'm in love with my work.

Some of my favorite comments from the night:

(and one of the top 5 reasons we live in San Francisco)*

"Oh what cute dolls!"

"I can make a custom one for you if you want."

"Wait. YOU made (wild hand gesture) ALL of this? Yourself?"


"And you are local? You live here?"


"So you actually live in the city?"



That one happened a few times. Made me smile. And giggle.

(one lady to her friend)

"THIS (wild hand gesture) is ART."

Dear lady who said that,

You made my heart swell. 

Thank you.

I went back in time, to my old high school art class, when I was contemplating whether or not to go to art school. I had this vision- of the rest of my life, filled with sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, the love I feel when I am creating something. I wanted more than anything to have that as my future, forever.

I sucked at painting. I wasn't patient enough for sculpture. I was worse at drawing than I was at painting. Photography, I was good at. But art school was not in the cards. 

And back to reality. To today.

I am (almost) 32, and I have found my medium. Sewing, fabric. I do what I love, every single day.

So thank you- for supporting me, encouraging me, keeping me on my toes. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some work to do.

*because in Utah, everyone can sew, so people just look at my stuff and say "I can make that." And then I don't sell anything. But here, nobody sews. So I get my chance to shine.


  1. YEA!!! this post made me SO HAPPY!! you are AMAZING! and it took you moving to SF to realize what a talent you are and to get to be REALLY busy creating for very grateful people!! that is the BEST. i bet a lot of people never achieve that in their lifetime. i miss you! but am SO glad you are so happy there! ps. your table looks AMAZING! and i marveled as well at everything you made with your bare hands..

  2. Thanks! And I miss you like crazy!

  3. Best post ever!!! I'm so happy for you!! xox