Monday, May 30, 2011


So you know Heather Bailey, right? No? Well. She is the best pattern writer in the world. I couldn't follow a pattern until I made Effie & Ollie the elephants. I learned SO much from that pattern. I love her style, her wit, her ideas, her fabric, her blog, her photos, her recipes, her studio...she inspires me in everything she does.

There are so many of her patterns I have yet to try...

And so many fabrics too...

So of course I follow her on Twitter. So she tweeted that she would be at Material Girls for a meet & greet on May 13th. I got there early. Really I did. But only cause I thought she said 5, not 6.

And I brought miss Claira pig- my most prized sewing accomplishment. She was so very difficult, but so very worth it! And Heather loved her.

And- while waiting at the fabric store for her to arrive, all the gals at the fabric shop were stunned by my pig. One lady even asked if she could take a photo of me and my pig. They didn't have one made up to showcase because she looked too hard. Yep. I like me a challenge.

And you can't tell at all- but she is 5 1/2 months pregnant! (Heather, not the pig.)

Congrats Heather! Keep writing patterns! And designing fabric! And challenging me to be a better sewer!

P.S. I had her sign this pattern...

Then I made a lil butterfly with the new bamboo felt I've been itching to try out. It's sooo soft.

I love all the little details.

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