Friday, May 20, 2011

anniversary, part 4: out and about

3 days into our trip, Danny got sick. Yes, we had The Man Cold while on vacation. The worst day was on a Tuesday. We sadly left The Old Hen after breakfast, and I had to drive us the 3 hours to Portland. We were staying that night at the Jupiter Hotel, which is cool and all, but not ideal for being stuck in the room all day. It's noisy and a little cramped.

So I did the best thing a wife could- I took the car and went shopping.

And of course, we got the room with the giant Zion mural. I have no complaints about the Jupiter, but after staying at the 5 star wonderland known as The Old Hen, the recycled motel stocked with Ikea furniture and chalkboard doors does not compete.

Anywhoo, about the shopping. I went to Paper Source and found all sorts of goodies. There was a MAC store down the street, so I stocked up on what I'd been low on. By then I was hot and sweaty, so I had a waffle cone filled with delicious 7 layer coconut bar from Ben & Jerry's.

I hopped back in the car and got lost about 5 times, then found my way to Fabric Depot. H O L Y G R A I L. They have everything- I mean everything. All the current lines from all my fav designers- Moda, Michael Miller, Riley Blake, etc... at discount prices. Too bad I already have a ridiculous stash waiting to be cut into.

Then I found home dec weight Alexander Henry 60 inches wide and gorgeous. I had to get some, just in case I need to re-upholster my kitchen stools.

Then I came back to take care of my sick husband. I walked next door and got us a pizza from Sizzle Pie- mmmm it was fantastic. The snoring monster almost smothered me in my sleep, so I crammed earplugs in my ears and tuned it all out.

Of course I had to put something meaningful on our door in celebration of our time together. Although we are only on our 3rd wedding anniversary, technically we've been together for 5. And since Danny sang that song to me on our actual anniversary, I thought it was the perfect thing.

One of the first places I wanted to go was Popina's. I've been drooling over this retro swimsuit for awhile, but I'm wary of buying a one-piece online. So I was so stoked when I saw that they are located in Portland, so I could actually try them on before making the $100+ plunge.

I learned a very non-flattering lesson that day: one-piece swimsuits are not for me. I have a long torso, so the top of the suit came up to my nipples, and smashed my boobs back into my body. After gaining weight thus gaining some cleavage, I will not sacrifice them for some retro style. I will just continue working out and toning up- and then get a tankini.

It was a sunny, beautiful day. And since I was walking- it was hot.


The focus of the Museum of Contemporary Craft this time around was woven textiles. I got yelled at by an old lady for taking this photo. "I thought they said NO CAMERAS!" It's just a phone. Sheesh.

So I took another one.

The big Nodeconf party was held at The Treasury- which is the basement of a fancy bank. It was really nice- they had these sliders that were amazing- I had like 5. And then I had to leave. Because by then, I got Danny's cold and my head was pounding and I thought I was going to die. Besides, sitting at tables listening to geek speak is kinda hard. I can't even pretend to follow along. None of it makes sense. But I'm glad that Danny got the chance to network with his colleagues, It gave him confidence and some great new ideas.

Breakfast every morning was spent at Pine State Biscuits. We looooove that place.

Their famous Reggie- fried chicken, cheese, gravy on a giant biscuit.

I had the sandwich- sausage, egg and cheese.

Biscuits with honey butter are a necessity...

This little nursery was so cute. They had baby chicks! I wanted to hold them and pet them and let them bite my fingers...

...and I loved this little terrarium building station with all its tiny little drawers.

And then it was rainy again.

Grit cake sampler. Danny loves grits.

Danny very nicely went with me to the Crafty Wonderland mega sale that was happening at the convention center. I got lots of fun and amazing little crafts- but they deserve a post all on their own.

I liked this sign- but I couldn't get a decent photo of it, so here's what I got.

There was a carnival going on down by the waterfront- and I had to beg Danny to find it so we could go. I even had to pay to get us both in because he thought it was lame to go to a lame carnival while on vacation. He didn't get why I wanted to tromp around in the mud taking photos of crappy old rides and not go on them.

So I bought him a churro and he cheered right up.

This is the only ride I wanted to go on- but I was not going to buy 17 tickets to go down a slide.

And this shot is for Loo-loo, who laughs whenever she sees a "stinky bathroom".

This bank was across the street from our hotel. I loved the solid slate walls.

After having drinking chocolate on the food tour, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I talked Danny into walking to Cacao so I could have some more. I still can't stop thinking about it.

On the way there, we walked past ZGF Architects. My friend the architect told me about this staircase awhile ago- but we didn't have time the last time to go and see it. So I was very excited when we stumbled upon it.

It's 3 levels are only supported by thin steel cables either attached to the floor or the ceiling. Its kind of confusing how it works, but it's pretty cool.

I love how green it is here!

The moneyball- biscuit and egg topped with gravy. And another biscuit with honey butter on the side.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at The Grotto- a post all it's own. Then we went home.

I loved how the sun was out at the airport, but still cloudy in town. It's seriously so pretty here!

Goodbye Portland- we will miss you!

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