Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sweet little Bella went to heaven last tuesday the 26th. She had cancer that was untreatable, and after 5 months of fighting, her liver started to fail. My parents and my sister Maloree decided to put her down to stop her suffering. She had stopped eating and drinking, and couldn't walk. (I talked about it here when she first got sick.)

About a half an hour before they took her to the clinic, my dad carried her up to Rocket Park for the last time. It was her favorite place to run around. My dad set her down and she sniffed around a little, then got up and started to walk home. She slowly walked the whole way. I looked out the window to see if I could spot them, and I saw little Bella walking all on her own, so I shouted to my mom to come and look.

I ran outside to shoot this video- it was a moment I didn't want to anyone to miss.

Loo-loo was heartbroken, I stayed with her while the others were at the clinic. She had so many questions- some so specific, I was surprised. She wanted some flowers for her little doggie, so we picked out a bouquet of peach colored roses.

You will be missed, and we all love you so very much.

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