Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Bella (my parents dog) almost died last Saturday night.

I got a text from my sister telling me that she had stopped eating, was just laying on her bed, and had trouble breathing. She was on an IV, and probably wouldn't make it through the night.

I put on my leg warmers and headed out the door.

The night was spent on my parents living room floor. Layers of couch cushions, pillows and blankets made makeshift beds for Mal and me, with my mom on the couch. We sat and talked, took turns sleeping. Well, except for me. I can't sleep at night unless I take my meds, and I didn't take them on purpose- I needed to stay awake. I needed to listen to her breathing- when it got bad, I would softly stroke her head, so she could go back to sleep.

I have been dreading/preparing for the day that cow cow goes. She's been sickly- we can't take her to the vet cause she might just die on the car ride there. She was only 5 lbs (cause she was puking everysingleday!!!). But we got her better- she takes kitty Pepcid twice a day and has to eat this really rich and fattening wet food that is freaking disgusting and if she farts on you-whooooeeeeeee. Start repenting cause you will probably DIE.

But she's up to 7 lbs as of today!


Bella has a large mass on her liver, and there is something wrong with her intestines. Mal and the vet she works with thinks it's cancer. She's only 12.

After a few shots of steroids, some broth and chicken- she started to walk again late Sunday evening. She eventually had her IV taken out and is doing much better. For how long is anyone's guess, but for now she is almost her old self. She wags her tail and is happy to see me.

Poor Bella. I though for sure Kobe cow cow would go before her. I am so grateful that she is doing better- we weren't ready to let her go so suddenly.

I am also very glad to have spent last night sleeping in my warm comfy bed with my warm comfy husband. (is it rude to call him "comfy"? I don't mean it in a rude way.)

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