Saturday, January 22, 2011

tuesday with van

I texted Nan Monday night, and begged her to let me watch Van on Tuesday.

(It worked!)

He is teething, so he is a little cranky. I could only keep him happy with my loud lens for a bit, wanna see?

I got to feed him his 2nd day of sweet potato baby food- he loved it! Obviously, I left a little bit of it on his nose for this photo shoot. Oops.

This baby's poppa can do this funky origami folding thing with his tongue- is it weird that I know that? Anyway, from the look of this photo- Van is well on his way!

After my camera was no longer entertaining, we went for a walk. Have I mentioned how much I love BOB strollers? I decided a long time ago that I really want one (when we need it) even though I think they are ugly as hell. Okay, Gracos and such are way more hideous. But seriously. Sidewalk cracks, huge puddles, curbs, snow, whatever- they are no match for those knobby 18 inch tires. And pushing it one handed- very smooth.

Outside is way better than inside. See? I finally got a few smiles once we were outside. So glad it was nice and warm today.

Isn't it silly that in January 43 degrees is considered wonderful and nice? "Cool!" I thought as I checked the temp today before leaving, "I don't have to wear my hoodie under my coat, or put my 2 pairs of gloves on, and I can wear my converse instead of my boots!"

I can't wait for this snow crap to go away!

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