Sunday, January 23, 2011


Apparently, I have taught Loo-loo a new word.


Usually when she is frustrated she says poop and pee. Ex. While navigating through the tiny aisle of the airplane, she said poopandpeepoopandpeepoopandpee from the back of the plane to the front of the plane, and she got louder as she went. And I let her because at least she was moving.

So on Wednesday we went to Dan's (grocery store) to get her some valentines for her friends, and she picked us each out a 20 oz soda, and I made her carry them to the car. As she followed me, with her hands full, she kept yelling at me "Seriously?!" but it sounded more like "Sicily?! SICILY?! Sicily?!" and when she finally got to the car she said "GEEZ!"

Quite a step above poopandpee. It's a good thing I haven't taught her any swear words.

And here is a little video that she made. I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me! If it were a perfume, it would be eau de parfum loo-loo. Fully concentrated, a little goes a long way, your scarf will smell like it for weeks.

classic loo-loo from freshfromthebakery on Vimeo.

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