Wednesday, January 26, 2011

paint, escalators & a new baby

I spent yesterday sleeping in (see below) and edging my sewing room in blue paint. I am now ready to roll! (pun intended)

I spent Monday chasing this little one all over the hospital for 3 hours while his brand new baby sister was being born- can I have babies with dark curly hair? Please?

Yes I filled his sippy with apple juice to the top and let him drink the whole damn thing in 30 minutes. It made him happy.

And yes, I paid the price with the resulting stink bomb diaper from hell. I haven't changed a poopy diaper since Mal was a baby. (20 years ago. Eeek) I did a good job, I think- he was a lot happier afterwards.

We rode up and down the escalators for an hour or so, then he wanted to climb down the up and up the down. I told him that just because he got a new sister didn't mean he needed to sacrifice his little fingers. So I trapped him in this spot- and he actually liked it. Most of the people that were going up would wave or tap on the glass. Lifesaver, those escalators. How many times in a row can I spell escalators wrong? 4.

So today, I will be rolling away in my sewing room, turning it a nice shade of Tiffany blue. Then Loo-loo and I have a lunch date. I'm thinking Kneaders...or maybe In n Out. I'll let her decide.

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