Friday, January 21, 2011

miss chloe

(Yes, I think I may have a problem.)

I saw this wonderful doll on the Wee Wonderfuls website- I was really hoping she'd be in the book, but she is not. Nevertheless, I bought the PDF pattern anyway, and went to town!

(photo from the wee wonderfuls website)

I fell in love with her mostly because of her hair. Loo-loo has beautiful blond hair that has a little natural curl to it- so different than the rest of our family. This is the kind of doll I wanted to make for Loo-loo originally- remember the one I made for her last year for her birthday?

Yeah, this one is much better!

This is the first dress I made for her- it's the pattern that came with the doll. But I don't like it. It's cute, but I just wanted something- different. I took a gamble and used this pattern, just 15% smaller. I didn't know if it would fit- I am SO glad it worked out!

This is a much more Loo-loo like doll, dontcha think?


Her hair is a natural wool yarn, braided then soaked in warm water to shrink it slightly, and to give it those perfect waves.

As I was cutting it up to make the hairstyle, I kinda felt like I was working with dried ramen noodles.

It really is a cute dress, I will just have use it for one of her friends!

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