Monday, January 24, 2011


I tore apart my sewing room.

I ripped up the carpet, the pad, the carpet tack. The old, stained and kinda gross original wood floor is now completely exposed. After I swept up all the splinters and rusty nails, I took a look at my new floor. What, did someone get murdered in this room? (my tv Ph.D in Law & Order and minor in CSI education tells me yes.)

"What's wrong with me?" I thought at 11 p.m. Saturday night, "I had a perfectly organized, clean sewing room. Who cares if it's tan and there is a section of carpet missing? There are people that don't even have sewing rooms. There are people that don't even have a place to live. I am such a brat! Was it really that annoying?"

I guess it was. It really doesn't matter now. So I kicked myself into a second wind, and got the 2 coats of primer cutting in done. I entertained myself by watching old Charmed episodes (totally hate Shannen Doherty. Then I think, well maybe she's not so bad. Then back to I totally hate her) and listening to Slacker Radio on my iPhone. Which BTW, I can't decide if I like the newest Band Of Horses album. A song will start, and I go "Eeeeeee. Kinda don't like that note he's hitting." And then I think, "but maybe it's ok- it took like 10 years for me to like Modest Mouse." Which BTW, I love my new iPhone. I never used to use my old one as an iPod, but with this one I do it all the time. Part of it is the waaay better headphones that came with the phone.


What started all this craziness was me sitting in my sewing room after I had just cleaned it. I looked around- ugh, I hate that missing corner of carpet. (we had to cut it out because I have very naughty kittens that peed and peed and it was the only solution.) So 3/4 of the room had stupid white carpet and the other 1/4 was the aforementioned wood floor.

I like to sit and think in my sewing room. I like to look at all the pretty things, all the new fabric. About what I want to make next. About solutions to problems. And it's almost like I kept getting interrupted by that empty spot. And the tan walls are okay- it's just so not my color. I want to sit and stare at a different color.

So I proposed my idea to rip out the carpet out and re-paint the walls to Danny as soon as he walked in the door on Friday evening. He said it was fine as long as I didn't expect him to help. And I didn't- I actually wanted to do this by myself.

And then 11 p.m. on Saturday happened. Man, I go overboard.

But it will be so perfect when I am done. It will be such a beautiful and functional sewing room- one that I won't feel ashamed of if people want to come over and see my stuff. (Which has been happening more and more lately.) And then I get questions like "Is that throw-up on the floor?" Ugh, (gulp) yes it is. I swear that wasn't there when you called. Let's go into the other room, shall we? I'll just grab what you wanted to see...

Because (I know you want to hear this) Kobe cow-cow puked twice a day for over a year. Mostly in the sewing room. That's one reason we kept the 3/4 carpet in there as long as we did. That's also why she dropped down to 5lbs. I didn't want to take her favorite place to puke away- a place that we could hide if we needed to. But then my vet tech sister got her some kitty Pepcid and no more puking! So, now I could get rid of the carpet I hated so much.

And I did think about doing something about the stained floor. I googled how to paint wood floors and how to re-stain them. Nothing is easy- or cheap. Besides, we rent. And in researching DIY refinishing wood floors, I kept seeing photos of DIY refinished furniture- resting on a floor that looked an awful lot like my stained floor. So whatever. It's in. And I didn't have to do a thing.

P.S. ripping out 50 year old carpet tack sucks. That crap splinters everywhere- and rusty nails go flying. We now are the proud owners of a crowbar though. And I got a workout. My uncle Dave says that anything that makes you sweat can be counted as a workout. And he does Ironman stuff and fixes my teeth with his high tech tools for next to nothing so I think he is probably right.

P.P.S I'm kinda sad that Seriously So Blessed is over.

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