Thursday, January 20, 2011

summer song quilt

My friend Kim is having a baby girl (next week!) and the quilt I have been working on for her is finally finished! (great timing!)

I love, love, love this collection of fabrics- Summer Song by Riley Blake. My mom and I about died when it came out last spring- I wanted to make a quilt so badly with the whole collection, but I already have 3 (!) quilt projects lined up- so I would just oogle it whenever we would see it at the fabric store.

Then back in November Kim asked if I could make a quilt for her baby girl- and I highly suggested this collection. Little did I know that by then it had been discontinued (of course) so I had to hunt to find it, (thank you etsy!) but I did. And I am beyond excited to give it to her!


Back (I always like to do a little something with the back, so it could be reversible.)

Holly @ Elaine's Quilt Block did a very fine job at machine quilting it, as usual. I love her!

Seriously. In love. Do I have to give it away?

Since this was such an easy design to piece and sew, I had to add a little appliqued tree with her name embroidered to the back...


Congrats Kim! You made a very fine choice- and I loved every minute making it for your precious baby girl!

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  1. LOVE it! You got some good shots of it! Man, it almost compete's with Van's....;)