Monday, May 16, 2011

anniversary, part 2: seattle

April 30th, snowy and cold. Even though we weren't going somewhere tropical and sunny, we were happy to trade the snow in for the rain.

Turns out we got sunshine instead!

Falafel at Georgina's Deli. (one the Triple D's places)

Carmelato. It was a strange texture, but still good.

I love tunnels. Not sure why...

Seattle Library.

It was a gorgeous 70 degrees that day...

Table made up of balloons at the SAM.

Springtime blossoms.

Vampire killer kit- haha!

At the waterfront.

Aquarium coral.

This fish held very, very still. It was kinda weird.

You can hardly see it in this photo- but there are mountains past the ocean.

I literally had to force Danny to take one cheesy photo of me with the huge stuffed Otter guy.

We are so dorky.

This eclair was fantastic! And at a sushi restaurant! Perfect for our anniversary dessert.

Blue C Sushi. I loved this place. And for those of you that know me, I hate fish, and seaweed, and anything that resembles fish. (aka krab) They had plenty of options for me to eat, enough to get full on even! I was glad that we got to eat some of Danny's favorite food while enjoying myself as well.

I loved this felt lamp at the SAM.

Solar powered waving queen.

We loved being in Seattle in the sunshine.

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