Friday, May 13, 2011

anniversary, part 1: the old hen

Last fall when we stayed at the Old Hen, I told Danny that I wanted to go back for our anniversary. He said he'd think about it. Then back in December, he got word of a geeky computer conference going on in Portland the week after our anniversary. So we decided to go to Seattle first, stay at the Old Hen for a few days then drive down to Portland for the conference.

Deanna is the most gracious, friendly host. She got us some sparkling cider to celebrate. If you have a chance you should check out her blog- sometimes she even gives out her famous and decadent recipes!

And she upgraded us to the red room- king size temperpedic bed, a gigantic t.v., 2 reclining chairs, and a huge bathroom with a skylight. It was heavenly. And the price? Such a deal. I highly recommend booking a trip there- soon. Seattle is 30 minutes away, staying in the "country" is the perfect way to experience that beautiful city.

We slept with the window open every night, the perfect spring air and the quiet of a small town was so peaceful and perfect. It was like a second honeymoon.

Behind the house is a quiet little river- Danny decided to see just how waterproof his rain boots were.

Rain boots are provided- which is so nice, then you can go and visit the goats and chickens and step in poop and puddles and not ruin your own shoes. Yea!

This is just part of the cozy wraparound porch- I love that little green dresser!

I was too enthralled with day one's breakfast to take a photo, sorry. Here is day two's breakfast. A fantastic omelet made with fresh eggs and delicious bacon, and homemade maple bars. OMG. Maple bars are my favorite doughnut.

Day three's breakfast. Fresh scrambled eggs with ham, and a napoleon. Ok. This dessert was serious. Let's talk about the layers. Pastry, chocolate sauce. The BEST chocolate sauce I have ever had. More pastry, then custard, creamy vanilla custard. And raspberries. Then repeat. I continue to be floored by her baking talent. I really hope that we will come here every year, for our anniversary and for the dessert.

Baby goat.

I love this wooly guy!

Eating those fresh eggs every morning has me convinced that I want to have chickens someday.
They get 8-10 a day!

Seriously, this sheep had the best personality. He had such a deep "baa", and that guy could run! The animals love visitors, and they all crowd around you wanting attention and food.

click to hear his famous "baa"

I've never met friendly chickens before, but these are very nice chickens.

Cherry pie at the Double R (Twede's) of course.

I love moss. Probably because it doesn't grow in Utah. It's everywhere in Washington and Oregon.

And the falls. We love the falls. It's just so pretty and green here.

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