Friday, October 1, 2010

the great northern: seattle, goats & home

Portland to Seattle. 3 hours. It was a beautiful sunny day. As we checked into our hotel, we happily noticed that we were conveniently across the street from the Seattle Public Library. Yea! So it was our first stop.

The elevator at our hotel was ancient- an Otis, a company that has been making elevators since 1853. A little knowledge I picked up on our Underground Tour.

The Seattle Public Library was re-designed in 2004 by Rem Koolhaas. It's a huge, amazing public space.

The way the stacks are laid out so perfectly, I could spend days in that place...

Then, on our way to pike place, we passed the Seattle Art Museum- so we changed our plans and went there instead.

This was an installation of cars- from the ground to the high ceiling, twisting through the air, then landing safely on the other side of the museum.

Granny panties.

This is made out of dog tags. It's very impressive.

We liked the rocking chairs in the store.


I love Seattle. I love walking through the city....

On the Underground Tour we learned all about how Seattle was built- in a very ass-backwards way. Anyway, this was one of the original "Crappers" You know that story, right?

And here is a much fancier example.

After a lovely walk back to our hotel, we zonked in our comfy hotel room. The next day we headed for our lost destination- Pike Place market.

Pouring rain, just like the Seattle I remember so fondly. Men throwing fish, such beautiful flowers, and so many of them! Freshly roasted nuts, local honey & produce, silly t-shirts, crafts and crazy people.

I got a cappuccino from the first Seattle's Best Coffee shop in Post Alley.

Danny got some clam chowder and a crab sandwich from the busiest little cafe in the place. He said it was fantastic.

We grabbed some apples on the way back to the hotel, but of course I made Danny stop at h&m cause it was on the way.

Then we drove to the St. Ignatius chapel. My architect friend recommended that we stop by.

It was a nice quiet break from the rainy streets.

The chapel was a little funny looking on the outside, but inside you immediately understood why- the whole place was lit with natural light. It was beautiful.

Seattle to Snoqualmie. 45 minutes. Why did we go to there? Well. If you read this blog, then you know that I am a huge Twin Peaks fan. Part of our plan for our vacation in the great northwest was to visit some of the sites where the show was filmed.

Our first stop was the huge waterfall behind the Salish Lodge. It was used in the intro to the show and served as the facade of the Great Northern Hotel, where a lot of the show takes place. anyway. Here it is.

They are a lot bigger, taller, etc than they look in the show. That's not fog in the photo- it's mist from the powerful falls. Don't mind the cranes. They are rebuilding the hydroelectric part of the falls.

On this trip, I have successfully gotten Danny interested in using the camera. Whoop whoop!

We passed by an old train yard- and guess what I learned?

Danny loves trains. Look at the photos he took...

And the photos of my butt continue...

Then we ate dinner at the Double R Diner (aka Twede's). They are famous for their cherry pie and coffee. It's said that David Lynch (the shows creator) ate there while scouting out locations, and that he loved the pie and coffee so much, that the diner is used in the pilot episode. He then had a set built that looked identical to it for filming the rest of the show.

And that cherry pie. Let me tell you. Holy freaking most delicious best pie I have ever eaten. Really. So much so, we brought a whole one home. Mmmm.

The Old Hen Inn b&b we stayed at was incredible. We will be going back. as often as I can talk Danny into going the distance. It's fairly new- opened about 2 years ago. The family lives above the garage, and they have converted thier home into a beautiful 3 room b&b.

Deanna is a gourmet cook- the breakfast she made us was unbelievable. I hate quiche. I ate almost every bite of hers. I also don't like pastries- bear claws, danishes, etc. I ate every mouthwatering bite of her fresh pastry with almond filling and plenty of frosting. fresh raspberry juice, ice water in charming ball jars. along with the most delicious vanilla yogurt parfait- it tasted like creme brulee, not yogurt. can i just eat breakfast at her table every morning? I think i might even be able to wake up at a decent hour!

They even have temperpedic mattresses in thier beds. So comfy. Sleeping in the Washington countryside with the rain lulling us to sleep was amazing.

After breakfast, I donned some rainboots and we played with the pygmy goats and chickens.

These guys were hilarious!

After walking by the river, we slowly drove away, soaking in the lush landscape.

Snoqualmie to Boise. 8 hours. Ugly boring drive, again. It made leaving that beautiful paradise even more sad. But Boise was nice. Growing up in Utah all my life, I have heard the full range of Idaho jokes.

Truth be told, I think that Boise just may be a cooler city than Salt Lake. We were delighted to find a triple d's diner in Boise- the Westside Drive In. Home of the $15 prime rib weekends and the ice cream baked potato. They were out of prime rib, but still had some for a sandwich. So Danny had a prime rib dip, and I had a monte cristo sandwich. Delicious. We shared a small chocolate malt, that happened to be the best one I have ever had (is there a food pattern here?) So as we were leaving, we ordered another one.

Boise to home. 5 hours. Why is the drive home always the longest, even if it's not that long?

We were ready to come home- being out of our routines for 10 days was enough for us- but when we got home I was a little sad. So happy to see my kitties, to cuddle them and hear thier meows and puuurrrs.

But I still can't wait to go back!

And I am scared to step on that scale to see just how much weight I have gained on this adventure. It was so worth it!

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