Thursday, October 28, 2010

the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin lane.

Looks like a lot of choices, but a lot of them were already rotting. I picked this place 'cause they advertised being able to pick off the vine. Not so much.

Loo-loo quickly un-stacked these fellows right after I snapped the shutter. Every pumpkin needs it's own place, ya know?

Afternoon shadow.

Loo-loo loves photo op's!

We lasted about 1/8th into the corn maze before we (loo-loo) gave up trying to balance in the skinny ditch that was supposed to be the path.

I wore a skirt. (no pockets) Which meant that I had to stash my phone and the cash in my bra.

Which I couldn't previously get away with, but now that I am 2 cup sizes bigger (ahem) I can.

Not that it's comfy- I prefer pockets.

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