Monday, October 11, 2010

loo-loo at lagoon

I love Lagoon- always so magical as a little kid. I have been itching to go all summer- and so has Loo-loo, but we thought we'd beat the heat and go at the end of the season. It was a perfect day- cool enough during daylight that we didn't fry and a little chilly in the evening. I wish I had brought a jacket- but I got a very overpriced hot chocolate that helped.

Also, my mom and I are taking Loo-loo to Disneyland in a few weeks- so this was kind of a "practice" run to see how she will do, waiting in lines with noisy rides and screaming kids. She did pretty good, considering. There were a few dicey moments- but she worked with me and scored an "A".

Disneyland, here we come!

While waiting in line to buy our tickets, Loo-loo said "Me go look at cool car!" And of course she had to have a photo next to it.

This was the first ride we waited in line for that she decided not to go on. Luckily we were only 1/4 of the way in, so getting out of line was easy. The worst one was waiting in line for the fairly new roller coaster- Wicked. We got all the way to the ride- up some stairs even, before she freaked out and said "Me scared! Me no go! Me no go! Me noooo goooo!" and tried to run back down the people filled staircase. If have even been behind Loo-loo on a staircase, then you know that she takes up the whole thing whist going down, and also takes about 3 times longer than you do to get down. So that was not an option. I got her calmed down, and had her exit the ride and wait for me- cause I was not waiting in line for 45 minutes for nothing. It was fun- but I was very glad she didn't go. It was waaay too rough for her.

(Loo-loo has metal rods on either side of her spine, so she has limited movement in her back, an does not do well in bumpy or jerky situations.)

The Screamer. She went twice. All by herself. I went too- it's one of my fav's. When we were little my brother and I would go on this as many times as we could- and we would always ride together. So I was a little sad when she didn't want to go with me. And I was so worried about her the first time- I forgot just how fun that ride is!

Ahhh- The Swings. Another fav- for both of us.

Loo-loo loved all the photo op's.

"You take a picture of me?"

Waiting in line.

The Carousel.

The Paratrooper. As soon as we got in the air, Loo-loo freaked out. She started screaming "Stop the ride! I want down!" I guess she is afraid of heights- which surprises me that she likes the swings so much. Maybe it was nighttime that made her fear come out.

Does anyone else hate the sound of their voice on videos? Me too.

The Space Scrambler. The first time we went together- and she squished into me. So when she wanted to go again- I let her go alone. She loved every screaming second.

She desperately wanted to go on the bumper cars- but that ride would have hurt her back. So we watched instead. Loo-loo laughed and laughed...

She really wanted to play games...but those things are fixed. So I let her play in the arcade instead. Waaay less money spent, almost the same lame prizes to be won.

She got some glow in the dark vampire teeth and a plastic lizard with her tickets.

The huge piles of pumpkins at the entrance were much more impressive at night- all lit up.

We had a wonderful day. When I took her home, she said to me "Thanks, I had lots of fun!"

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