Friday, October 8, 2010

en route

I am a horrible navigator.

I learned this the semi hard way on our 10 trip. I say semi because my husband really is a patient man, and only gets a little bit grouchy at me when I tell him the wrong way to go.

me: "It says go left at the next intersection."

him: "I can't go left!!!"

me: "Well, that's what it says!"

him: "Where do I go?!!"

me: "I don't know!"

him: "I don't know either!" (pulls over and rips the iPhone out of my hands, figures it out, and turns around.)

We started the trip with my 1st gen iPhone. After 5 days, many mistakes and a few angry silences between us, Danny drove us to the nearest AT&T store to get the new iPhone 4 with real GPS and 3G. (The 1st gen only had approx. GPS, which Danny presumed was the root of my horrible navigation skills.)


While having the new phone made finding the right way faster, I still messed up and got us lost resulting in even angrier silences and a tad bit more grouchiness. Not to mention that syncing the new phone up with my old one caused major problems. We were left without a phone of any kind for about half a day- Danny's phone was dead, because I apparently did not pack his phone charger, and neither iPhone had service. Danny finally just reset the phone, which worked. (We are such pathetic slaves to technology! WTF?)

So I really am a horrible navigator. Even with the best and most expensive tech in my hands. Part of it is Google maps fault though- I would make the mistake of searching for the business's name, and then following the directions to who knows where. Oops. You have to type in the actual address to get it right.

Lesson learned, although I don't think we will be taking another road trip anytime soon. And yes, I am the Luckiest Girl In The World, because I got the new iPhone in the middle of the most amazing vacation ever. Talk about the cherry on top. My husband is the bestest.

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