Wednesday, May 18, 2011

anniversary, part 3: portland food tour

While Danny was geeking out with all his geeky friends at Nodeconf, all 8 spouses went on a little food tour of Portland. Yes, out of roughly 400 nerds in attendance, only 8 had wives.

Have I mentioned how much I love my nerd?

We all met up in the hotel lobby and set off in the rain. Luckily it didn't so much rain, but it was a very cloudy day. I was happy to walk in the grey- no risk of sunburn!

Drinking chocolate. Need I say more?

Next was the Flying Elephant Deli to taste their famous Tomato Orange Soup. (which, by the way, is amazing. I highly suggest clicking that link and making some for yourself, the sooner the better!) I was too enthralled with my soup to snap a photo, obviously.

Macchiato at Courier Coffee. They are a group of environmentalist dudes that roast their own coffee daily, and deliver it fresh to your door in mason jars, by bike.

The coffee I had was delicious- dark and slightly bitter. I love coffee. Too bad my body hates it.

Ohhh, the Pearl Bakery. This place was magical. Julia Child visited once, and almost got stuck in one of their machines, or something.

I wasn't really paying attention, I was too busy oogling all the goodies being handmade by oompa loompas I mean workers.

Portland is a place where most of the restaurants strive to obtain all of their ingredients within 100 miles of the city. Our guide stressed this fact throughout the tour. When we came to the bakery, he pointed out that The Pearl is very picky about the quality of their flour, they get first choice from their supplier- Lehi Roller Mills.

I smiled and kept my mouth shut, I love their flour too- and they are a lot closer to me than to Portland!

I love this little box of "stuff".

And their classic tiled floor.

In Good Taste, a high end cooking school with a store. There was a wine and condiment tasting- I had sparkling water instead. I really wanted a SodaStream for Christmas, but talked myself out of it- now I've been talked back into it.

Next up was the Tea Zone, and it was waaay too dark in there to take any photos. Plus, even after learning all that great stuff, I still don't like tea.

I took this photo right outside of some "houses" that reminded my a lot of the Pierpont Lofts downtown.

I can't remember what kind of pizza this was, but I didn't like it. It had brie on it, that's probably why. But the soda- the fresh raspberry soda- mmmm. Delish!

Jameson Square- this was such a cool little park. They have tons of these sorts of parks around the city.

Cool Moon Ice Cream. They make all their ice cream fresh- ohhh it's so delicious!

Chocolate gelato and fresh strawberry ice cream. I loved it. And if you know me, you know that I hate fruit ice cream, especially strawberry. Well done, Cool Moon! Well done.

Gorgeous presentation. Sadly, they weren't all that delicious. I'm kinda partial to my own cupcakes. The only cupcakes that I have been impressed by are surprisingly not by all those trendy fancy cupcake bakeries, but by Kneaders. Not that there is anything wrong with trendy fancy cupcake bakeries, I'm just a snot.

Anywayz. To sum up:

Portland has amazing food. We ate heartily every day, and I swear I gained 10 lbs. (I most definitely gained 5.)

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