Monday, May 23, 2011

a rainy spring walk

Are you just so sick of hearing about my wonderful trip? Okay. I'll give you a little break. Only 2 more (!) vacation posts to go, I promise. What? I took about 1000 photos.

It's been so rainy lately that it's actually quite green...and spring-ish. But don't worry- next week it'll be hot and dry, like it always is. Utah loves to skip fall and spring. Rude, right?

I think that's why we love the northwest so much- it's always green.

So Van and I went for a little walk. See how excited he was? Well, how excited I was- I kept blabbing to him about the green grass and green trees, so he would look up at me and smile.

How I love wiggly little piggies kicking in the warm spring air...

When we got back he was tired, so I got him to laugh and laugh.

And trying to eat my phone. Always trying to chew the corners.

Love this kid.

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  1. oh my van looks so old!!! good one's jess. its true, rain all though annoying = green and gorgeous. i would always laugh at tourists in hawaii who would get pissed when it was constantly raining cause its like, hello why do you think its so pretty here? but then i was mad when mike and i went last year and it rained...its different when you're visiting then when you live there i i need to enjoy the green like you are! rad pics!