Friday, November 6, 2009

a story about my Dad...

...he once saved a strangers life.

I was young, maybe 5. We were driving on the freeway, it might have been raining. I remember that it was dark, and I think there was a promise of ice cream from the parents at the end of the long ride home.

We were in the right hand lane, and my Dad saw the car in front of us go off the road, and into a large ditch. He pulled us over, and ran down to see if he was okay.

My Mom was nervous, (I assume) and we (Nick & I) were restless. We wanted to be out of that car, and now! A little while later, my Dad came up and told my Mom that there was a lot of water in the ditch, the car was unmovable and the driver was badly injured- I think the steering column had mashed his ribcage. I don't know how gory it was, but my imagination ran wild in that moment and in the years after when I would remember that night.

Somehow, my Dad got a hold of an ambulance, and they got the man safely out of his wrecked car and to the hospital. This was way before cell phones, so I don't know what my dad had to do to make that happen- I just remember that we waited for what seemed like forever.

I also recall a night a while later when I couldn't sleep, and I saw the glow of the T.V. coming from my parents room (meaning that they were still awake too), so I went to say goodnight or ask a question, or whatever kids do when they are curious and can't fall asleep. As I peeked into their room, the phone rang. My Mom answered, and said "Who is this? Oh. Okay, hold on a sec." I don't remember what was said, but I think it was the wife of the man that my Dad helped. She was calling so late at night, to thank my Dad for saving her husbands life.

The other night, I went to my parents house to pick something up. I was talking to my Mom in the kitchen when my Dad came downstairs and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.

I was as shocked as I was touched. Me and my Dad have had a rocky relationship in the past, but after I got out of rehab, and stopped acting like an ass, we have gotten a lot closer. Now we hug occasionally, but I can't remember the last time he kissed me on the cheek!

On my drive home, I got a little emotional. My tears were dry but the time I got home, but I think I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

My Dad is the go-to guy for just about everything. He is trustworthy and loyal, helpful and kind, funny and sweet. He is always fixing and problem solving through our neighbors, families, and friends car troubles. He recently just fixed the leaking roof at his work by spending $30 at Lowe's and having one of his guys help him. The roofing company that had come to make a bid for the repair wanted $30,000. "Job security" he said after he finished the story.

My Dad is a planner. I think he has the rest of his, my Mom's, and Loo-loo's lives planned out in case of any kind of emergency. I am also a planner, but not nearly as smart or as experienced as he is. So in pretty much in any given situation, tight spot, or problem, I have a very valuable resource to go to for help.

I am so grateful for my Dad- he has always given us everything we needed (and a lot of the things we wanted.) He had stood by me even when I was so mean to him. (and I was mean to him for a long time- so not proud of that.)

It's my Dad's birthday this month, and I really want to give him something that speaks to all of the wonderful characteristics that define him as a Father, Husband, and Son.

Any ideas?

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