Monday, November 23, 2009

i googled how to... to treat a bruise.

That's what I was after. But when I typed in "How To..." on Google, this is what came up:

1. how to tie a tie
2. how to kiss
3. how to get pregnant

Seriously? The third most searched for "how to" is how to get pregnant? Who exactly is googling this information? So I jump to conclusions- teens that don't actually know, and why don't they know?

I think that this is proof that American kids need to have sex education in school. Telling kids to "save it for marriage" or just to "not engage in sexual activity" is just plain not working.

I do know quite a few people who did indeed "save it for marriage" or least for the right person. And I have a lot of respect for them. But not every teen has self control, or the ability to see beyond teenage years and into adulthood. (including me) We all have personally known a few teenage mothers, and have heard even more stories from friends and family, right?

I don't blame the lack of sex ed in my High School, for my "engaging in sexual activity" at an early age. I blame my boyfriend at the time for pressuring me into thinking that I had no other choice. But that is a skeleton in my closet that I won't go into just now.

(stepping off of my soapbox now, and admitting that my conclusion might totally and completely be wrong)

Wait, so what other conclusions are there? Who else would be googling "how to get pregnant?" Well, people that want to have babies. And I would guess that most people over 18 (ha!) at least know that facts of life- right? Or people that are curious about fertility...but then wouldn't they just google "fertility?"

I am thinking too much. About something that does not even matter. I really am done now, I promise.

DH just served me some dessert- Peppermint ice cream with Hot Fudge....

And, I did find some good advise on "how to treat a bruise." But I can't use any of it, it's too late. You have to do all of it either right after or in the following hours after the injury occurs.

If you are wondering just how I injured myself, here goes: (it's so embarrassing!)
On Saturday night, (so what? I like my boring non partying weekends) I was plucking my eyebrows while sitting on the bathroom counter, and when I went to get down, I fell/landed into the open drawer that I had forgotten about, and then onto the floor. So I now have a very purple, lumpy and huge bruise on the back of my right thigh about 5 inches above my knee. It still hurts.

And the drawer? Broken. Splintered wood. It is still functional, but we will need to replace it when we move out.

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