Sunday, November 22, 2009

i. hate. snow.

I could not get myself out of bed today. I tried 3 times between the hours of 10 and 1. I finally got out at 2:30. Granted, I did stay up till about 2:30 the previous night... but 12 hours is ridiculous!

I blame my super comfy warm snugly bed. I finally got around to putting the "winter" blanket on our bed last night- our huge down comforter. Oh it is so amazingly warm and cozy! (now I really want to go to bed instead of blog) yawn. Anyway, despite sleeping in so late, I got a lot done today.

I did all the laundry.

I cleaned up all the cat pee. (my cats have abandoned their litter box lately, I kinda hate them at the moment. No, wait. I love them again.)

I made 1 of the 2 pumpkin cheesecakes that I am contributing to the upcoming Thanksgiving feasts.

I went to Costco. Yes, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I went at 4, and it was crazy! I just needed a few things (vanilla beans- they are running dangerously low!) and I found a short line (can you believe it?) I was so proud of myself, going to Costco without Danny, avoiding lines.

Then I got to the door, and I saw this:

My heart sank.

I knew it was going to snow today! I KNEW it! I was going to wear my new rain boots out the door just in case, and then I thought that I would look silly tromping through Costco with squeaky rain boots if there was no rain/snow.

I found this photo on the world wide web, and it displays perfectly how the storm was at Costco. Me and my huge cart of bulk food that I had to push through that horrid wind that pelted me with big fat snowflakes. It sucked.

And I had more errands to run. So I did. I went to Michael's, Petco, and Fresh Marketplace. (I think that is what it is called now- the old Albertsons.)

3 more months of this???

I need something to look forward to! Like a tropical vacation or something. (hint, hint.)

Too bad DH doesn't read my blog.

But I do get to climb back in to that super comfy warm bed with DH.


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